Graffiti Research Lab Canada


March 16th, 2008 . by admin

Urban Communication for Urban Commandos.

When the voice of the people cannot be heard through traditional means, the people must turn to subversive operations. Trained in the depths of the world’s largest urban jungle, the Graffiti Research Lab has deployed an elite Splinter Cell of Canadian agents to combat the establishment and penetrate the consciousness of the masses. Highly skilled in the use of Weapons of Mass Defacement, these rogue agents assist in the liberation of the people from the psychological warfare of the ad executives. Their tools? Bombing with light and getting up with lasers.

This site is a documentation of our efforts in this realm.
It is a platform for others to build upon.
It is a manual to develop your own tools in the fight against the powers-that-be.
It is a call-to-arms.

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